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photo ©2019 Caleb Timmerman

Matt Newberry
Minneapolis, MN

Perhaps it would be smart to mention here that I specialize in editorial portraiture on location, in natural and existing light: portraits of employees and executives, worker bees and bigwigs—persons of interest!—for organizations of all sizes, for website and other uses. Really, any kind of friendly, informal people photography and work documentary. Subjects, even the camera-shy, enjoy the photo sessions—we always have a lot of fun!

More recently I’ve been offering affordable architectural and interior photography for entrepreneurs, for use on Yelp, Airbnb, Eatwith, etc., as well as for real estate. Contact me for availability.

Privacy note: this blog does not leave cookies, nor collect any information whatsoever about visitors. Tracking cookies, Like me’ buttons and similar contrivances of the big data traffickers (Google, Facebook, Amazon, et al.) are likewise entirely absent. (I would love to add a commenting/feedback system to the blog but have not yet found a compatible one that refrains from collecting visitor data.)

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©2019, Matt Newberry
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