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Sharonville graves

Exploring the woods around my brother & sister’s house in Sharonville, north of Cincinnati, I found an uphill path, beyond which I could see a small clearing and the roofline of a house. The clearing proved to be a tiny cemetary, apparently pre-Civil War era—Coleman Cemetary, Est. 1800, a modern-era sign said. I’d say it was barely half an acre and, except for a dozen upright headstones, looked like the side yard of the very plain, suburban-style house.

Not that I’m in the habit of checking out graveyards but I’d never seen markers like these. Half-buried in the moss, largely illegible, most had been broken up and later patched back together. Various kinds of bonding materials appear to have been employed, probably over many decades.

I find the existence of these stones awe-inspiring, and hope the photos will convey some of that.

©2019, Matt Newberry
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