Apartment Neighbors

Apt. 103

In 2006, after two seasons of caretaking in my apartment building, I realized that I personally knew everyone who was living there, had helped many of them move in, and by then regarded quite a few as personal friends. This had never happened to me in decades of apartment living, among people who might for years remain faces passed in the hallway. I asked many of them to have their portraits taken in the stairwell, with the option to bring along an emblematic personal possession from their apartments.

Apt. 205

Apt. 303

Apt. 104

Apt. 304

Apt. 305

Apt. 203

Apt. 205

Technical notes: Taken with Olympus OM-2n camera, Zuiko 28mm f/2.8 lens; Ilford XP2 film; full-frame 35mm negative.

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