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Sadie Maguire Nov 1, 2023 Mpls & music & portrait & gesture & pen-f Vocal artist Sadie Maguire wrapping up her summer Saturday mornings stint at the Midtown Farmers Market in Minneapolis. Missed her? She’s back next... Steve Tibbetts Jun 1, 2022 Mpls & music & portrait & X100F Steve in Minneapolis for photos at the Nicollet Ave. Spyhouse... Roger McGuinn in Hopkins May 14, 2022 Hopkins & music & portrait & E-M10ii Roger McGuinn at the Hopkins Center for the Arts on Friday night, here with signature Rickenbacker 12-string. In the evening’s two sets he also... Two trombones Nov 27, 2021 St Paul & music & E-M5ii St. Paul big band Nov 16, 2021 St Paul & music & big band & E-M5ii 9 photos, River City Jazz Orchestra at Minnesota Music Cafe, 3rd Tuesday every month... Courtney Yasmineh Jul 7, 2019 St Paul & music & portrait & X-T1 Courtney at The Finnish Bistro in St. Paul. She played a solo residency there Tuesday evenings in June and will be back again in September and... Impromptus for street piano Jun 7, 2019 Mpls & music & ambient & street & X-T1 I’m pretty sure they leave this instrument sitting outdoors in all summer weather. When you’re downtown you can seize the bench and bang on it (the... Matt Yetter May 24, 2019 Mpls & music & G5 Subbing for an indisposed Courtney Yasmineh, Minneapolis bluesman Matt Yetter played a knockout solo set at the Riverview Cafe Saturday night.... Kitchen concert May 18, 2019 Mpls & music & portrait & X100 When I returned home Saturday night, I found Armand Safarian—singer, songwriter and special friend of my hosts—performing in the kitchen. He played... St. Paul Hall & Oates Jul 18, 2015 St Paul & music & portrait & Hall & Oates & M4 While the nation wailed “She’s go-o-o-o-o-one…” in the shower, I was photographing the authors in their St. Paul hotel room, and later at an... Hesla Jan 17, 2011 SanFran & music & portrait & M4 Tim Hesla, big band leader, San Francisco... Frank in Berkeley Jan 1, 2011 Berkeley & music & portrait & Zappa & gesture One evening in June 1984 Frank Zappa signed items passed to him while sitting in the window of The Musical Offering record store on Bancroft Way in...